Mahogany Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips in Van Nuys

Most home owners buy mahogany hardwood floors for their home due to their elegance, beauty and interesting characteristics. Mahogany hardwood floors are organic making them a great environmentally friendly choice, but being that it's a natural material, it needs specific care to keep it moist and shiny. For professional Hardwood Floor cleaning in Van Nuys premier provider is Heaven's Best; however there are some steps you can take to care for your mahogany hardwood floor until our next visit.

There are some basic things you should do regularly for proper hardwood floor cleaning. Van Nuys residents are already aware of the importance of regular vacuuming. Dirt left on a mahogany hardwood floor acts like sandpaper and wears down the finish over time. Running a hardwood vacuum or an attachment with a brush over your mahogany hardwood floor twice a week will help you keep the look and finish on your floor protected.

Another common way to protect your mahogany floor is to keep out rain water. Make sure your windows are shuttered during storms, and if you have potted plants, make use of water trays to prevent leakage. What many don't know is that furniture polish and hairspray have a harmful effect on mahogany floors. If you ask any professional about Hardwood Floor Cleaning Van Nuys floor cleaners will tell you that the chemicals in these solvents cloud the finish of mahogany hardwood floors leaving them looking dull and lifeless. If you happen to get either on your floors, you can easily counter the effect by wiping the area with a glass cleaner that doesn't contain ammonia.

Contrary to popular belief, not only fabrics can get stained, mahogany floors are equally prone to staining. The most common culprits are:

-      Ink

-      Nail Polish

-      Pet Urine

-      Coffee Cup Circles

-      Gum

-      Water

Each type of stain has a different method that works best, but the best way to assure any type of stain doesn't become permanent is to clean it before the offenders are able to penetrate the floor deeply. For sealed or treated mahogany hardwood floor cleaning, Van Nuys based professionals suggest using a non acidic solution to prevent the need for re-sealing the floor.

A good non wax floor cleaner is a must for every home with mahogany hardwood floors. Pledge commercial strength hardwood floor cleaner is a great choice for a non abrasive, great smelling floor cleaner that healthy for the wood, and easy on the wallet. The cleaner can be used on both finished and unfinished floors simply spray a small amount over the area and clean using a wood floor mop.

Proper maintenance paired with stain prevention is the best method hardwood floor cleaning. Van Nuys residents can attest to the care and dedication Heaven's Best has for its customers, we want your home to be beautiful for years to come and hope our tips help you keep it that way.

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