Air Quality in Carpet Cleaning

If you recently have had a pet poo on your carpet, then cleaning it good should be your first priority. Breathing Feces can be very unhealthy and cause a person to get sick. Vvacuuming often helps keep the carpet clean, but it also needs a more thorough. Getting a professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis is not a bad idea. Once to twice a year is recommended unless you have that emergency of course and especially if you have kids and pets.

Carpets act as a filter that holds soil, dust mites, pollen, debris and other contaminants. The Air We breathe inside a home is way worse than outdoor air. About 10 - 100 times WORSE! Even, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does recognize the effects of poor indoor air quality linked with no carpet cleaning.

You want to make sure to also use Eco-Friendly Green Products. So it doesn't just look good, but actually makes it healthier when you get a professional carpet cleaner to do the job.

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Article: Air Quality in Carpet Cleaning

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Author: Chris Jones

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