Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Tips

The greatest way to maintain an oriental area rug is by limiting the amount of dirt and debris it is exposed to initially. Oriental area rugs are a wonderful decorative addition to any home and should be treated with the upmost care. To help limit the amount of dirt on your

oriental area rug


  • Take off shoes upon entering the home

  • If you must wear shoes, avoid heels

  • Wear sandals in the kitchen and remove them before walking in the rest of the house

This will help reduce the amount of hard dirt and stainable oils on your oriental area rug. While regular carpet should be cleaned at least three times per year, oriental area rugs should be cleaned only when necessary. If you maintain your rug, this could me as little as once a year or even several years. An easy way to see if it is time to have your oriental rug cleaned simply;

  • Rub the carpet with your hand roughly for about ten seconds, if your hand is soiled, it needs cleaning.

  • Pick up the corner of the rug and hit it firmly, if a dust cloud erupts, it needs cleaning.

  • Fold the carpet stiffly and peer in the pile, if you can see deep dirt, it needs to be cleaned.

Once you see that the carpet needs cleaning, you can do it at home yourself, or call Heavens Best for Oriental area rug cleaning services. To clean your oriental area rug at home, prepare an open space. The best space is on a dry, non-oily garage floor, your home's driveway or in a utility room. Once you have your rug outside follow these simple steps:

1-Vacuum the top of the rug on medium setting, then turn it over and vacuum the underside on high setting
2-Use a mild unscented detergent will mixed in cool water and shampoo the Oriental rug. A soft brush with long hair is best, otherwise use a firm sponge. Don't scrub, but rub vigorously.
3- With the same mixture, use a laundry brush and clean the fringe on the area rug.
4- Rinse the entire Oriental rug in clear water. Don't submerge the rug, rather use running water.
5- Lay the rug flat and use a glass squeegee to remove excess water. Run the squeegee in the same direction as the nap to avoid damage to the pile.
6- Lay out in the sun and allow to dry, turn over and allow the underside to dry as well.
7- Vacuum the Oriental area rug on low setting to restore softness.

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