Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Spills happen anytime, more often when you have children or pets. While some things are harder to get out of fabric, when addressed quickly, the task is much easier. Even if you don't have spills, regular use can soil any fabric. Heavens Best offers a wide selection of cleaning options to keep your upholstery in top form, but in-between our visits, there are ways you can keep your fabric looking bright and smelling fresh.

Furniture is made out of a variety of materials; each type has a specific guide to follow in terms of regular care. The guide below is geared toward fabric upholstery; you can view our guides to Leather or suede upholstery care on heavensbest-cleaning.com .

The first step in cleaning your fabric upholstery is to vacuum it thoroughly. This allows dust and other foreign articles to be removed prior to adding cleaning solvents. Assure that you remove all pillows and cushions as well as use your fitted attachment to suck the dirt out of the creases. If you have pets, you may need to go over your fabric upholstery with a pet hair remover since vacuuming alone won't remove the dander.

When you spill something wet on your

fabric upholstery

make sure to blot it with paper towels or an absorbent cloth before it has a chance to sink into the fabric and cause unsightly stains.

  • Use a clean cotton cloth to massage the upholstery cleaner into the fabric

  • Use a flat spatula or plastic scraper to remove the soiled liquid

  • Use a damp cloth to rinse the area

  • Place under a fan to speed the drying process

There are several types of cleansers available; the one you choose depends mainly on the type of fabric and the type of dirt on the fabric. For antique pieces, you should always seek professional help. Just like clothing, fabric upholstery is labeled with a care tag, that tag provides information about what is safe to use and what will harm the fabric.

The tags have easily understood labeling;

  • WS- You may use dry or water based detergent

  • W-Use water based detergent

  • X- Dry clean only

  • S- Dry detergent use only

Prior to using any form of cleaner, test it on a part of fabric that cant bees seen. This assures that the cleaner won't cause damage, in the event that it does, it will be out of sight. The next thing to remember is that even though you can use water on some fabrics, you should keep it to a minimum. Excessive moisture can cause shrinking and also rust stains if the water comes in contact with zippers or other metal embellishments.

Check out our other articles on heavensbest-cleaning.com to find the best way to clean on types of carpet. For an in person consultation, send us an email or call us today.

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